Feedback on my GFX

feedback please<3

Divine Apparel


Wow This Is AMAZING What Programs Did You Use?

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I like it! There’s one thing bothering me. There seems to be a bump on the characters left arm that’s not supposed to be there. It seems your GFX is clothing store related. Try making the character hold a shopping bag and maybe make the background something clothing store related so it could match and really show the group/ apparel store. Apart from that it looks great!

Nice one, but don’t mind that it is looking kind of blurry from my sight. Maybe make it more HDR and give it some more shades. By the way, this creation is insane! I like it.

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Really great graphic! I love the color combinations you chose for this piece. The only note I would have to give is that your render is on the blurrier side. Just find a way to improve that and you should be great!

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Did you use blender for this?
Good Job!

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Cinema 4D and Photoshop. Highly recommend it! :slight_smile: