Feedback on my GFX

Please let me know your feedback on my GFX!
Also please tell me what to improve on. :slight_smile:
I was wondering how much I should charge for my GFX, please let me know!

Also if you wanna hire me, my discord is ASAP#1260


You can’t ask for prices on the forum anymore. But maybe a few grand? Like 3-4k?


So I should take the post down? And alright thanks!

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You can just change it to be asking for feedback on it.

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So is asking for prices against dev forum TOS?

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Yeah, it is.

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Im not gonna lie but all the poses seem very static and similar to one another?
Either both arms are out or one is holding something and staring straight on.


Hey! You’ve got good potential, but here are my personal tips for improvement.
First, the characters are always facing forward and there’s no real “flare” going on with the poses. They’re all pretty static and generic so I think It’ll be more interesting for them to have some changes to any poses you have other than a change with the arms and the items they’re holding.
You could try to also envision a scene and have them do some action, the render quality is pretty nice though.
You can also watch this video to understand composition, which is helpful in all sorts of art.

Here’s one of my GFX as an example:

I tried using dynamic poses, changes their direction so that they’re not always looking towards the camera. You could also try seeing if you can add some Lighting using photoshop or rendering using an HDRI.
Reply or Message me if you have any Questions

– Nate

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Thank you so much for your feedback, but regarding what you said, I do not usually choose the poses, it honestly depends on what the customer wants but I totally agree!

I agree I will definitely be fixing that for future GFX. Thanks for your feedback!

You’re very talented let’s talk in messages.

Really good and basic GFX. I rate it a 7/10 and i would pay 2000-3000 robux for all of those GFX.

Also, good thing you put a watermark there so no one can steal ur GFX!

i’d say maybe 1k for prices
some things that could get improvement is the text + the backgrounds, pretty much all of the backgrounds except for a few are the same background, might want to experiment with more backgrounds. The text is seem pretty basic and doesn’t really match the background well, since the backgrounds more saturated than the text its a bit straining to the eyes to read the text, and i recommend making the text thats white a tad darker bright enough to be appealing but not too bright where it overpowers the entire gfx

Thank you! If you would like to hire me, contact me on discord. ASAP#1260