Feedback on my GFX

Hello! I would like some feedback on my GFX I made the other day. I went for a vintage mysterious photo. I used blender 2.79 and GIMP. I am happy with how it turned however I want to know your opinions(ignore how bad the watermark is, I just slapped it on.).


The scene looks great! However I must ask why the character behind your character is glowing neon, as a lot of old vintage pictures are a little dirty so not a lot of people “glow” exactly. However great work on it so far!

I’m not really sure why I made it glow. I wanted it also be like a vintage horror photo and make it stand out.

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Thats perfectly fine! I was just thinking it seemed kinda out of place. Maybe you can add some dirt stains to symbolize like “This photo was found in [Creepy Area]”? I wish you luck on your GFX journey!


I like the scene, it looks great! The tint and texture on the picture is very well made and designed to look like an old picture.

A concern I have is the ghost behind her, it’s too neon and could maybe be more transparent and not bright.

Great work! :happy1:

Thank you! Yeah I should of made it less neon ahaha.