Feedback on my GFX

Hello, fellow Gfx Artist. I would appreciate it if you give me some feedback on this piece I made. Also If you suggest what else to add, I’ll take your word for it. :slightly_smiling_face:


This really good! I love that you made the clothing textured, it really bring out a lot of detail that a lot of GFX designers miss out on. I do suggest bending the arms and moving them back a little, because the character seems stiff. I would also say to not rotate the camera as much, the character almost looks sideways to me. Overall, this is some really good work!

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Hello, Elite.

This is a really nice GFX you have got there.

Overall, This is good. What I would suggest is that you tone down the metallic a bit and lower the bump nodes as well. Overall, The composition is well. I would suggest that you bend the arms a bit as the character looks a bit “blunt”, I would also suggest that you do not rotate the legs too much to the point where it looks unrealistic, I would also consider not rotating the camera too much as this makes it look like he’s going to tip over to his side.

Overall, I like what you did with the background and the fog effects. Well done!

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Thank you very much! :grinning:

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Really nice GFX! Like many others have been saying the texture in the clothing is really nice, many other renders I have seen have a bit of a plastic-y feel on the bodies of the characters but you have done a really nice job getting rid of that feel.