Feedback on my GFX

This GFX’s theme is Aesthetic. This is only my second GFX so it might not look so good. Just a reminder, I want there to be only a plain pink background.

(If you steal or seen someone steal please report them). The picture might be messy but it’s for people that wants to steal others work.


I wanna say that why there was a random black line that cover your gfx?

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That’s probably some sort of watermark, so other can’t steal it.

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For people that wants to steal this work. It’s a watermark.

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The render is good overall but I do feel that you should have included some lighting to the avatar, I use to do graphics for some big groups. If you do obtain any questions please feel free to ask me.


No thanks. I like how it is right now.

No problem everyone has their own style.

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One suggestion I would make is that, you should add some sort of floor instead of making the render just flying in blank space.

Also although you seem to like “how it is right now”, I do believe you can take the lighting suggestions because from what @Velouvo said, I also believe you could’ve added some more lighting. A trick I would recommend you could use is 3 Point Lighting .


The render is okay, but it just really weird to see the character just floating in midair, maybe a ground would be better.

I like the GFX, I believe you should edit more on the lighting. You should also fix the arms and legs overall I think it’s a good GFX.

Nice GFX, like someone else said, there are black lines that are covering the GFX. Good job tho. :slight_smile:

I believe you should edit more on the lighting

I explained that already.
It’s a watermark.

I would try making a scene and/or using an hdri. The lighting looks kind of basic. For a watermark I recommend putting your username on it, not just scribbling over it. Here is an example…

Most of the time people go for the character, so if you put in a subtle mark there your good to go!


I literally said. I wasn’t going for a background. And I like how it is now. I wouldn’t change the watermark either. It’s only for a view on DevForum.

It’s a nice GFX with the shadows on the character and how smooth it looks, but maybe have some sort of background like a beautiful forest or maybe a park. :butterfly:

Anyway, it looks nice and very detailed as a GFX, nice work! :+1:

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Lol, how come? It’s scribbled kid. No one can change it. If I put my name. They could possibly cut out the parts without it. Kid, I said and mentioned “I do not want a background”. And how do I want views? It’s only for the people that view, they can look at it but can’t steal. When I do commissions I won’t put a waterpark. You got the wrong idea kiddo. Causing drama on DevForum isn’t the way to go.

I won’t change it to any regards. Just so someone would steal, the watermark is scribbled all over it. So no one can possibly change it.

Sorry, I didn’t read the full post, but I apologize if I offended you in any way, I just saw your Roblox profile and I deeply apologise.

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It’s okay.
I don’t mind much anyways.

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