Feedback on my GFX

Hey, I’m a roblox programmer just starting out GFX because I don’t have any money to hire Professional Artists.

Btw if you wanna use this thumbnail (which most of you wont because it sucks) you will have to contact me on discord Flameyz#8249

This is my 2nd Ever GFX, and the first one not being a thumbnail and is completely different.

This time I wanted to try out some brushes because i never used them in life, and I would like any feedback/nitpicks/suggestions if possible!

Thank you in advance!


It looks good but I don’t understand why the guy with the blue hair is aiming down at the ground with the sword and it pushed the zombies back or am I missing something? I also don’t understand the blood because it looks really weird and out of place. The text also doesn’t fit the scene.

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I tried making it like the blue haired guy was looking at his sword while he was making it go in ground (idk how to say it) For the zombies i didn’t really know how to use the brushes so i just placed it there and for the text idk

Ohh! Now I understand what is happening. So the blue hair guy aimed down at the ground and hit hard and it made the zombies bounce back?? I don’t know how to explain it but I do understand that a lot better. If you don’t know how to use brushes, I suggest you watch tutorials on how to make realistic blood. The text doesn’t really matter that much it’s that just it’s kinda out of place. You did good either way! :+1:

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Thank you! I really appreciate that, Thus, can you recommend me some tutorials like you know when people make the sword like lightning and they do it so good idk…

I sadly don’t, i’m not really good with that stuff. :sweat:

It’s okay, thank you for helping me yesterday and today! :smile:

No problem. :+1: 30 characters


Hey! I think this looks great!

My only suggestions would be that I would try not to cover your character’s face, also maybe change angles slightly so that zombies can be seen better. They get a little lost in this angle.

Other than that, I think it looks awesome :grinning:
Keep up the great work!

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Thank you really much! 30 characters

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You should try to make the guy in the blue hair cause a explosion with the sword so it looks like thats what caused the zombies to get flung.


I tried to do that, but I don’t know how to so i scrapped that idea and make this (i wanted to make the bubble like bigger and looks like it pushed the zombies)

I feel like the posing needs work and the camera angle is a bit off.
As well as the background having no relevance to the actual GFX, thought it’s a nice idea you’re going for, I think you just need more practice and time, that’s all.

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Thank you! :smile: 30 characters

Nice Zombies with Blood :wink:

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