Feedback on my GFX

So recently, I started doing Graphic and Art Design. Since i’m completely new to this, I want feedback from other artists and developers of how my quality is,and how I can improve, since I’m thinking of making my own portfolio.

Example of My First Piece of Art

Please feel free to share you thoughts in the comments! Any tips or advice are highly appreciated!



Its very nice and chill i have nothing to say except keep up with the good work!


Thank you so much for your feedback!


I really am just amazed at your work. I don’t have any feedback and even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to type it because iIm so amazed.


I love the red light and the background is pretty cool. Nothing is wrong with it, keep up the good work!


Thank you so much for the feedback! Highly appreciated!

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Thanks man for the compliment! Your feedback is much appreicated!

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Hello, I hope you doing good!

Its so perfect for someone who started doing Graphic and Art Design.
Im like with no word except Great Job
Thanks for reply!

Thanks for your feedback! Very much appreciated!

The render is sooo smoooooooooooooooth! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Really good job!

maybe you could make the glasses have more glare? other than that amazing work!

Thank your for the amazing feedback!

Ok! Will be more aware next time! Thanks for the advice!

I would add a little more red on the body around where it cuts off a little but it looks great!

Thank you so much for the feedback!

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impressive work considering you’re new to gfx! better than anything i would’ve done back then. render looks great, and i recommend messing with render settings such as ambient occlusion, and materials in the future when you can! there’s a lot of great channels on youtube to help :slight_smile:

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I will hopefully! Thanks for the feedback!

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First attempt looks decent you could probably experiment into using HDRI to improve the quality of the image or if your wanting to add realism to the scene whatever approach your going for throw different items and see what the end result brings you. I’m no graphic designer so take this with a grain of salt.

The render uses a light source flashing on the character however you could perhaps add some lighting casting on the (right side of the character since it looks rather plain) I will assume you are aiming at creating something simplistic.

To make the render more appealing, you could add some characters in the background socializing and interacting with each other depending on what approach your going for. Or having small experience with making materials or including a background could help you create a very unique design.

The lighting glow effect on the character seems a little to close since it brights the characters arm and cast low lighting on the items on the character itself. Try moving it around different angles to achieve a better lighting view, it’s a good start though it’s quite well made.

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Thank you for the feedback! The render is in HDRI. You are right about being “simplistic”. I didn’t want anything fancy for this design, just wanted it pretty simple. I will make sure next time to make it more “appealing” and engaging! Thanks for your feedback again, very well appreciated!

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Looks nice.

  1. use this if you need to make smooth textures

  2. maybe turn the specular down?

Otherwise, looks good!