Feedback on my GFX

Feedback on my most recent GFX


Looks really good and clean. :+1:


I’m not really good at gfx. But maybe make the background less blury. Maybe adding more detail to the character. The text might look better with some effects.
It looks like its being hit from a light source. Where is that light source.
Over all this is better then what i could create


It makes the GFX more aesthetically challenged and the motion blur balance of it is quite good, it only needs your character more soft in gradience so the standard blur balance of your GFX will be better, but the overall design is :+1:

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This is pretty good keep it up :smile:

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The background isn’t really blurry itself it’s the overlays, and wdym by detail to the character this may sound rude(sorry if it does I am trying to be as respectful as possible) but I do not see in anyway why I would need more detail to the character the client wanted it like that, this “light source” is a color correction pack it make sit pop in what way would there be a light source coming from infront of the render this is only a render not a scene, I also did add some effects I do not know what other things you want to be added to the text there really isn’t anything, (I am very sorry if this response came off as rude if so it was deeply not meant to come off as rude)

I do not mean what you mean by “more soft”

Hey, the GFX looks amazing! :+1:

:arrow_up: What lolalaoa2 has said is pretty true and the background looks a little messy, but it’s pretty nice.

I also think you should add a outline to your character, you can test it out and see if you like it or not but yea :smile:


I agree now that I take a look at it again its seems a bit messy.

Looks great! and I love the effect you have created.