Feedback on my GFX!

Twitter: @FAtacck

My Old Render:

My Last Render:

Used programs

Blender 2.82
Photoshop CC 2017

Please comment a feedback



I love both of them! :blush: No tips! Keep up the good work. IF I was looking for a GFX designer I’d definitely choose you


Thanks for Feedback :heart: (30 chars)


This is Good Quality work! I really want to see this in a environmental background.


While I’m no GFX designer, I think what you made were renders. Anyhow, both renders look great. I would say I like the second one more , but the first render also looks nice. Overall, I think you did a great job with these renders. :+1:


I really love them! Great GFX’s. :heart: I really like the wings on the second person :happy3:
No tips needed! (Other than I would love a background, but thats just me.)

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First of all, your work is good your old and new designs feature that more of a beginner stage level but I see you experimenting with realistic materials - lighting which is good for improving:

The only thing I’ll work on is probably play around with different posing selections while the current has its own unique feel try giving the character something that he could hold, if this is just practice designs perhaps throw more characters in the background running with him interacting with other players or include a few players in one render there’s a lot that you could improve on this.

However everything looks good the lighting and posing structure is on point very well hope to see what you’ll take this in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good GFXs, about that “Old Render” - The avatar doesn’t have a face.
About “Last Render” - The hind leg looks like unhitched from the body.