Feedback on my GFX

Hi everyone! I’m Raiinbow_Skies (used to be c4tlover123468)! I am a new Roblox Developer, and have been working on gfxs recently! I really like making them :grin:

I would like some feedback on this gfx (ignore the crazy watermark lol, I am trying to find one that works for me), if you can’t recognise who’s in it, it’s Katniss Everdeen, from the hunger games! I wasn’t planning on using this for anything, I was just doing it for fun :smile:

Next time I will change the camera angle, as you can’t see her face. I am really proud of the lighting though, and I set up the scene myself with some stuff from the toolbox.

I am also thinking of starting a portfolio soon, but I do need some more practice. Could someone please give me some random ideas of commercial scenarios I could make a gfx for?

Thank you :grin:


Wow-. :shock: For me that’s really impressive. Saying I’m not the most experienced GFX person. But it looks amazing! Very realistic grass. The trees on the other hand- At first I couldn’t tell what they were. But staring a bit more made it clearer. Great job :heart:

For the question at the end… I have no ideas, I’m not the best Idea maker. :slightly_frowning_face:

Hope the feedback was helpful. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hello there! Been a while since I came back to DevForum. Anyway, regarding your GFX, I’d like to say, lightning is pretty good. The posing of the girl needs some work. If anyone uses a bow and arrow, they use both hands rathern then having their other arm swinging around their waist. For this scence, you could have done using both arms as it would look more logical and maybe add a quill towards your back so it shows you have enough arrows and you’re going hunting. The animal looks well made so that’s a good thing. I think the grass is a little bit overdone because the grass can be a little lower and you can yry to rig the fox so it looks more in a pouncing stage or about to charge up to you. The background semms a little dull. I’d suggest using a HDRI if you want, or if you don’t want to use a HDRI as it may mess up your lighting, you can just simply go into your photo editor and using the magic wand and change the background photo to show maybe a evening, night or some sort of gloomy weather. This would make the picture more eye catching when you see it in a group of photos. Final thing is you can add some props(ie. butterfiles, some small insects, raindrops) to make it more appealing. Thanks for reading.


Looks neat, but please remove your name all over it. Hard to see it.


Looks pretty good

Keep up the good work👍


Thank you for your feedback! This was really helpful :grin:
I actually used an HDRI for the lighting, but it didn’t really have a good background, so I covered it up a bit with the trees. I do agree with all this feedback, I only realised how long the grass was after it rendered lol. I like the idea of adding some raindrops!

It’s an interesting design, perhaps try to not overdo your watermarks you could include your signature in the bottom corner if you don’t want players to steal your design or if this is just a simple practice design and you don’t mind who takes it?

There’s a ton of ways to make your graphic more interesting, I’m no graphic designer so take this with a grain of salt.

You can space the trees out a bit or place variety of designs make the forest look more opened up if you’re going for those vegetation designs spacing everything out is a good way to improve it more further in the background, something in general placing other objects so the design doesn’t feature a boring background.

You should play around with different posing if you’re wanting more characters it’ll be a good attempt at the start nicely done learning practicing is a good way to improve your skills. :slightly_smiling_face:

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