Feedback on my gfx

This is my 12 GFX and I wanted to do a beach theme I use blender and photoshop cc please respond


Looks nice. The sky and water on the GFX are pixelated. Also, show the sun a bit because it looks a bit odd with a sun flare there on the GFX with no sun being shown.

There’s some white on the head of the rendered avatar as well as a bit of white on the supercar there. The shadow for the rendered avatar is also a bit odd. Maybe fix the shadow to be a bit like the rendered avatar or remove the shadow for the render.

Another suggestion I have is for the headlights’ color. There’s a gold color in the middle of the inner of the headlights and white a bit outside of the inner of the headlights. Stick to one color for the inner bit of the headlights. I would say you stick with just white.

Also, I see a border around the left headlight of the headlights. Removing the border around the headlight will make it look a bit better.

There’s some white on the ground (is that snow?) too. Not sure why there’s some white spread over on the GFX (I’m not talking about the sky).

Overall, looks good, but with some more work put into this GFX design, it will look better. Nice work! :+1:

Thank you, The white spots are a particle overlay the white is the edge of the boardwalk!

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I have one more tiny suggestion, change the material on the car to be a more realistic paint, possibly use a slight ColorRamp?

It’s an alright design however, there are some issues I see with the background and effects. Try decreasing the amount of effects you put inside each of your designs, it could ruin the design your trying to achieve I can see you’re wanting to achieve a ‘beach theme’.

However, it doesn’t have that theme place more characters in the scene make the ocean blend in with the scene and remove the sun rays.

The shine seems a little odd in my opinion, you have to much effect in one scene from my point of view you have sun rays, particle effects sun glare, I feel like lowering them a bit more will improve the quality of the scene a little bit: (what is the character standing on perhaps place him sitting in a chair)?

It’s a decent render though I would just include objects that will make it stand out.

ok sorry the palmtrees got cut off

Again with the over the top editing fx. The sun is way too bright, and everything is glowing. It’s really hard on the eyes with all of the shiny dust particles and blinding sun flare. Please turn it down a couple hundred notches. I can literally see the pixels in my screen trying to display this glow over here image Either that’s the pixels in my screen trying to keep up or pixels in the image. Also, the headlights being on in mid day doesn’t make sense.