Feedback on my GFX?

Hi, i made a GFX but i need feedback because i want to improve.

Here is the GFX:


If this is your first, I would say it is satisfactory. If this was your second or third, I would say there is much to improve. For example, the legs are intersecting with the torso at a weird place and the sky looks pixelated and unnatural. I would say use an HDRi and make the face have a bump map. Also the hair is looking a bit blended so maybe in post processing compositing make it have more contrast.


It’s not bad, but maybe add some trees or plants in the back. It looks like the tennis court is floating in the air imo. Anyways not bad overall, and hope this helps!!


It’s a overall good approach you could probably experiment into using HDRI to improve the quality of the render that’s only if your wanting to add some realism to the scene. Consider adding details to make areas pop more. The lighting looks bland add some lighting reflecting shadows on the surface add some background details buildings - benches - characters taking and interacting with each other, something simple.

You could add some characters to the background to reduce bland empty corners and area throwing objects here and there would add more quality to the scene and overall realism in general. It’s a start to something my final suggestion is to u basically just have to add lighting and experiment with it instill you find something you like.