Feedback on my GFX(s) + Editing

I need feedback on two things! My GFXs and editing. I find my editing kind of embarrassing but I’m putting it here because I really need advice. I’d also love if anyone suggested backgrounds, where you find your backgrounds, and things I could do to make the editing part look better! I’m not sure how I can make my editing look any better! My GFXs aren’t perfect either so I’d love to know what I could do to make them look nicer! The last time I posted, a few people told me to fix my lighting so I changed a few things!

About my GFXs:
I use Blender to make them and for my rendering engine, I use Eevee! For lighting, I use one area light and 1-2 point lights.

About my edits:
I use PhotoPea since I was told not to use Pixlr and I can’t afford any better editing apps. I’m new to eat and I’m still learning how to get around with YouTube tutorials!



I take inspiration from cafe game icons! Once I sharpen my skills, I’d like to try making GFX thumbnails inspired by cafe games but I’m not ready yet! Feedback would be appreciated! c:


I’m not a GFX Designer or Artist myself but Not bad! I don’t see anything that you could change about the GFX, maybe the backgrounds you could fix, since they seem to be a bit off-colored? Either way, good job on making this! :slightly_smiling_face:

The posing and lighting looks really good! , But you could improve the editing.
Apart from this, keep going, you’re doing such a great work! :star_struck:

All round looks good, Here are some points I can give you from my point of view but don’t like follow them to a extent on them since you know, I am only a scripter

  • Maybe add some better font I recommend for this maybe the font: Primetime
  • The area around it seems a bit bland and it has a lot of white space maybe add some objects or something??
  • The Drop Shadow looks nice all round
  • The lighting is excellent in my eyes
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as a GFX artist, you should add way more things in blender