Feedback on my GFXs

I know I’ve been posting a lot in this category, but this was my first time using text in a GFX. I think both of the GFXs look decent, but I want feedback on them to see if I can make them even better.

Edit: I added improved versions of the GFXs. (I wasn’t able to edit the lighting or posing because I already closed blender and studio and I didn’t save anything)


Improved version of GFX 1


Improved version of GFX 2

Which one do you think is better?
  • Gfx #1
  • Gfx #2
  • Both of them are good
  • Both of them are bad
  • Both of them are decent

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Any feedback is appreciated.


Both of them are excellent and are kinda satisfying to look at, maybe you could try and make your next GFX more unique in some way, give it your own flair.

I’d recommend mixing them up together somehow.

GFX 1 - The black outline on the character is a little off-putting, generally don’t recommend it for the aesthetic of the gfx you seem to be going for. The background is generally too blurred and it’s hard to make out what it is. Also could use lighting correction on it since it seems dark compared to your character render. Perhaps bend the limbs of the character to make it seem more fluid. Text needs to be a bit bigger, maybe diff font and coloring. Generally don’t use black outlines for text on this kind of GFX either.
GFX 2 - Better than first one. Character matches background and limbs are bent. Reflectance on legs seems a bit weird, maybe experiment more with that though. I’d say move the lighting on the character so the hat doesnt cast a shadow. Text placement is a bit weird, although it works. Make text a bit bigger. Background is decent, although could be better depending on what you’re going for. Border is unnecesarry. Make character a bit bigger so he takes up more space, maybe add some effects like sparkles, swirls, etc.

All in all, not bad. Just keep practicing and you’ll get better in no time. :slight_smile:

they look good, sorta cartoony. to add to that you shade remove all shadows. improve the lighting. it can be improved A LOT. its not soft or smooth at all!
pose too

the first one is a bit out of my comfort zone with the colors. The second one I love, its really asthetic though you could make him a bit bigger. You can aslo change the black outline to whit on the first one.

Thanks for the feedback! I improved what I could on both GFXs, I also added a swirly in the background but I’m not sure if it looks good or if I should change it.

I like your style of outlining the characters with boarders, and personally I prefer the white outline over the black. I would recommend some background blur on the second GFX to draw focus more to the character and logo text, but overall really nice!

EDIT: I also just realized the cool shading you added under the hat brim in the second photo, it’s nice attention to detail I hadn’t originally noticed.

No problem! :slight_smile:

Although I do like the swirl that you added, I think it could possibly be a little thinner and possibly keep the background unblurred. Other than that, both seem to have improved. Just keep practicing :smiley:

Both are good but the second are a bit better because of the matching colors and background.

I like the first GFX with the white border around the character. I like the original version of GFX #2 more without the swirls in the background. It just seems nicer to the eyes for me.