Feedback on my GFXs

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I’d give this a 7/10. What exactly are you working on?


1st of all thank you for some really creative scenes, each image tells it own story and highlights the characters in a brand new way. The images are immersive and I feel like it is easy to get sucked into your new world. The amount of detail in each scene is insane and it is well appreciated.

With this being said, every scene should have a center focus. The lighting and supporting details should complement the center focus. Here the focus is your evil characters and how they are affecting the environment. This is done well although the lighting and particles are little misleading. The directions of the lighting are conflicting with eachother, and are generally harsh. The particles are bright and act as a blur, sometimes skewing the original image.

I recommend switching the angles on your lighting and/or making it a little softer. I would leave the particles around the characters instead of directly in front of them. Because they are the center focus they should not be blurred.

Overall the tone and ominous characters really sell the entire scene. Massive potential really good stuff. Keep up the good work!

~Fat Man with a Frying Pan


This quality I consider to be professional; but you should try to branch out from using the standard Roblox rigs and use other characters for stuff like this. The possibilities are truly endless.

Not bad, 4 out of 5 stars, maybe add a little more small details

I agree, the harsh lighting makes it pretty hard to see the subjects, love the amount of details though