Feedback on my ghost hunting game

Hello so I made a game about playing as a ghost hunter and playing as a ghost

It includes:

Character customization, Game modes, And Daily Tasks

I would love to hear feedback from you guys on what do you think about the game and how would I improve it

Thank you all for your feedbacks and kindness :heart:

Game Link:

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Really enjoyable game. I found myself playing it for a while.

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I really do think this game has a bunch of charm to it and I enjoy the soundtrack and overall experience of it. Game mechanics are not difficult to understand either. Yet, there is a few things I’d do to refine things.

Hair is messed up

Animations are good, I’d like to also see the bobbing effect as the ghost is moving just as it is when you are standing still.

Classic Mode
It is very fast pace sometimes its a good thing other times it is not… for example I was just in a round that lasted 10 seconds.

Playing as the exorcist is actually pretty difficult to win, they are just outnumbered by ghosts who are actually hunting them down versus the other way around. This is a pretty big issue as you’d think people may want to be the exorcist but all the ghosts simply gang up on them.

Either increase the time it takes to make the exorcist become insane, provide powerups for the exorcist such as insanity extensions, ghost revealers/speed. or make it take longer for a ghost to possess them.

Above only gets emphasized in smaller maps where there is less room for the exorcist to potentially run away once sanity runs down. The only map where there is not a problem for the exorcist is the backrooms map, because its just so large. So TLDR, make the maps larger and more spacious for the exorcist to have a better experience playing.

Ghost Hunt
This one is much more slow pace and not that engaging. All ghost are too dense for my personal preference and alot of the game is players simply standing around for the entire duration of the game.
I can recommend either making a “Maximum” point eg. some player must find 10 ghosts before everyone else then they win, versus people just walking and clicking things until time rounds out.

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