Feedback on my graphics

Hey! Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of graphic design, and I need feedback so I can improve. I’ve already sent these in some graphics servers out there but didn’t feel like I got enough with constructive criticism. Please say your honest opinion as I am trying my best to improve!

I use Photoshop CC 2019 & Blender for my graphics if necessary.


I really think you should focus on learning more about blender such as materials and lighting. Currently I can sorta tell you are using ambient occlusion for lighting, which isn’t a good practice.


it’s presentable, like most GFX creators, you seems very limited whenever it’s about your imagination or your ability; extremely common Character poses, design, or the consistency doesn’t even exist to a extent:

  • Why outside and not in the Kitchen/Restaurant ? also why irl Background ?
  • Plate is empty ? i know it says bakery but i have no idea why you’d represent his work with oxygen ? :joy:
  • I Know this is rather a rare demand, but when you have a custom shirt/text font on a render that is the size of 420x420 (Roblox Upload) while renders are supposedly “HD” introductions, it just make it unprofessional and lacks of attention to details (WAVE’S GOT TALENT is blurry)

Might be a harsh way to take note in those trivial/logic remarks, but you’re taking ideas way too much from existing advertisements/thumbnails, You shouldn’t be equals to them, Your challenge as a Graphic creator is to surpass others for the best impression possible of the group you are presenting.

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Thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate it. I will definitely make use of your feedback & improve to the next time!

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I probably should, I’m a bit unfamiliar in Blender I’d say, and I use a lightroom for my renders that is pretty good, but there’s a lot to improve. Thank you for your feedback!

They’re good in that the text is legible and the colours work well with each other to create a calm aesthetic, but there’s a few things you could fix.

1:Repeated stock

In most of the pictures you posted, there’s this one dust effect that you keep placing over the piece. It’s low resolution, blurry and doesn’t make sense given the scene of each. I would put it behind the render or scrap it entirely; less is more in this case so there’s no need to add stocks that aren’t needed.

2:Contrast / Brightness

I understand that the aesthetic you want is light and upbeat, but at times, the picture is overwhelmingly bright to the point where its hard to look at. I would lower the brightness and maybe increase the contrast to make it easier to look at.

E.g. see below (left is before, right is after)

3:Held tools

This one is a small one but its hard to ignore once you notice it; whenever your characters hold something, it penetrates their limbs. A general rule of thumb I tend to use is that the very end of the arm is like a hand, so in the case of the microphone, you would move it down and angle it to look like he’s holding it instead of having it going through his arm.


In general they’re nice pieces, but there’s always room for improvement. Hope this helps!


Its very nice to see many people are taking interest in GFX creations, You have a very good sense of lighting and Text detailing in Blender and Photoshop, You should learn on how to render a Roblox Build as it looks more Roblox Related for the First GFX you used a very nice Background and Shine effect, Though in the Third GFX thumbnail I do think the “Microphone” should be below the hand and not above.
It makes it look more Realistic! :sweat_smile:
Good work! and Good luck on your Future Endevours! :grin:

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Thank you for your feedback! I will definitely think of that for my upcoming projects.

Thank you for your opinions! I will make use of it. :slight_smile:

In the last one the microphone looks like some sort of paint brush or some sort of makeup brush. Also the way the character is holding it looks weird, but I like the graphics nonetheless.

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The Graphics Look Great
The GFX 10/10

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