Feedback on my GUI

Hello, I am Rubber, and I am a UI Designer (Only designing UI, not scripting)

I made these UI and I want some feedback on them!


Please tell me which ones are good and how I can improve, thank you!


I think the overall look and feel of the GUI is nice! However I do have a few things that maybe could be a little better.

To start with I feel like all of the GUIs should have the same look to them. In the second and last image you have the purple part slanted, but on the first GUI it isn’t. I think ‘Welcome!’ GUI should also have the background slanted. Another thing I see is that the text on the ‘Welcome!’ doesn’t match with the others which have a drop shadow.

Another thing that might make it look a bit better is on the ‘Inventory’ GUi to make the drop shadow on the back arrow and ‘X’ black like the others as it doesn’t seem like they should be white. For the buttons on the ‘Inventory’ I think the titles should be slightly further down. Finally I think the buttons should also have an image to better display what the button will display.

Again I think that the GUI is good, but maybe doing a few of the things I suggested could help you out!


i personally like the Welcome Gui and the Inventory, the best. However they are all pretty good i think adding some more margin behind some of the GUi’s text might make them a little more “confined”( i personally don’t love the text hanging off from the Gui, as seen in the inventory one, but that’s just my opinion ) . While talking about the text, i feel as though it’s a little big( mainly on the Welcome Gui) and gets pretty close to the edges maybe making it a little smaller might look a little better.

i like the gradients on the Inventory , though i think adding an image or even viewport frame for the swords or shields and having it spin around( requires a little programming but still) might be really cool. Lastly maybe changing up the colors (the purple outer-margin part) might make them more less from the same and make them look more “unique”.

Just Some thoughts, but Overall Great Job!


Thanks for feedback! The first one looks different because I thought of more ideas.

Yeah I didn’t put logos cause I’m a bad drawer and had not many useful images in my inventory but I will try to do that! Thank you!

The GUI is very nice! It looks awesome!


Try using flat colors and not gradients, it might look better.

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These GUIs are good maybe you should scale them to all platforms

I like your use of gradients, color contrast, and rounded corners.

I know the rotation may be novel, but it really does not work here.

I don’t like your use of TextScaled - the best way to use it is to create a TextLabel inside the button, label, whatever it is; then center it with a scale size of 0.8 or 0.9 on both axes, and finally enable TextScaled on that label. This makes it so the text isn’t right on the border of the element you want the text to be on.

Why is there such a large empty space (first 2 images) between the top text and the bottom buttons?

I hope this helps, and good luck!

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Not bad, but some things I suggest:

  • In the GUIs, move the text away from the border a bit to make it look a bit cleaner and not as “cramped”.
  • Work on the gradients a bit - maybe do a white outline, but the feel of the buttons seems a bit too basic/lacking detail
  • Fix the text - ex. “I know how to play” turns to “No” and “Tutorial” turns to “Yes”
  • Keep the text consistent - The “Trade Request” text has a black drop shadow but the “Welcome” text doesn’t.
  • Again, the GUI gradients are pretty basic - you can add an outline, drop shadow, or make the gradient seem not as “forced”… Best word I can think of right now haha

An anime reference: “too close”

Apart from that, the tilted ones triggered my OCD badly.
Shouldn’t the text shares the same rotation with the background’s?