Feedback on my GUIs?

Howdy! I’m not nessescarily looking for a certain GUI type if you catch what I mean. I am just looking for about how much you would pay, if you hired me, etc. Also what you would change about some of these GUIs, if you had the power to.

Side note, these are made in ROBLOX Studio, so they are not the best quality. Thank you so much if you take time to review these! Critique them, and price if you got time! I am not the best obviously, and I’m trying to learn and get better as I grow. All suggestions help me learn!




I’ve never bought GUI’s and I dont know how hard they are to make, but i’d buy all of them for 500-1.5k robux.

Much appreciated. Thank you for considering to take your time to help a fellow developer!

It’s not necessarily hard to help you out. It’s more of a time thing, depending on how you develop them (easy, hard, difficult, etc)

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If I were commissioning you, I would pay anywhere from 300-500 robux for it.

The font does not seem to match the cartoony feel of the UI, and it’s rather flat.
Maybe consider adding some shading for it to pop out more?

Other than that, I think it looks great!

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I’ve been trying to find a more… “vibey” kind of textfont. Is there like packs I could download if you knew anything?

But thank you for your feedback, I’ve been looking at it too.

As a UI designer, I would pay at around 150 - 300 per UI. Although these are novice level user interface design which features a lot of frames randomly placed down, I can see a huge potential in your UI designing in the future! I would love to work with you on UI design one day! :slight_smile: :+1:

Thank you very much!

I’d definitely be down to see how others do their works! Obviously as a novice, I’m not the best; but I can say I don’t just use frames, those were a lot of textboxs/buttons! For some, there may of been a few frames.

I have had some experience with UI Designing myself, and I always like the rounded stuff, to me it looks cleaner. I also like to add shadows (Image below) even it is the slightest shadow because I think that they will sometimes make something stand out or look a little cleaner. But so far, those are looking very good! Keep it up!

Really appreciate it! I totally agree with the rounded part, it does look clean, and I will use shadows more often, as I’ve seen examples with them.

Thanks for important

Overall, it looks pretty nice!

You’ve got a lot of different fonts on the pictures, limiting your usage of different fonts on the same UI would make it look nicer, and maybe a slight outline/shadow to the text so it doesn’t look so flat.

Keep experimenting and practicing, trying different color palettes, different fonts and such to see what looks well. You’re doing very well sir!

The colors of the last UI doesn’t really fir together. I advise using colors that look good together. Otherwise, it looks great!

Very appreciative for your kind words. Thank you and these suggestions will help!

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Thank you! Noted for next UIs that I make!

Depending on whether or not these are scripted, I would pay in the low hundreds to high hundreds, personally.

Also, you don’t have to be restricted to Studio. Although it’s harder to use, you can use software and upload it to Roblox via image labels and buttons. Dev Hub Tutorial.

Honestly I feel like it looks kind of bland, and like another user pointed out, the font and the artstyle clash a bit, making it a bit odd to look at, while it also makes the text look flat. I don’t think I’d give more than 100-200 robux for it.

To be Honest,I don’t love it,But it’s well okay.

I recommend you change the Twitter Code to something such as Group Code.
(Many people can’t get Twitter because they are underage or their parents don’t let them, same with Discord, Facebook etc.)

Also, change the “Follow the twitter” to “Follow my Twitter”. I couldn’t recongize it for a second, (atleast if you don’t change Twitter to Group).

Add Permanent Ban and Un-Ban (if it isn’t there) to the Mod Panel. It will make moderating easy, the Perm Ban part is for keeping certain players away from your game forever for breaking a certain rule decided by the Owner.

I like GUIs, although some things stood out to me that I noticed.

1. The Text

Some of the text seems very boring or used constantly on your GUIs. I understand ROBLOX Studio doesn’t provide many options for text, but it seems that one text is used a lot.
They’re good, but I would switch it up.

2. The Icons

In this one, I feel you could have spinned the money 90° on them.

I would purchase these for 500-1000R$, but others may agree/disagree. They’re nice and way better than I can do.
:slight_smile: :heart:

Yes, I was going to put softban/perm ban, and then didn’t know if I should. Definitely looking at your standpoint I will add it to future panels.

Also, the group code is a nice idea, and I will definitely make changes to future GUIs as such.

Obviously that these are more of a practice, and I am new to UI designing, not newest, but newER.

They wouldn’t be scripter, due to I don’t really have the time to script anymore, and its not the job of a UI Designer, unless you sign yourself up for it.