Feedback on my hat

Hello my friends and all. Just a few seconds ago I made a 3D model. I am ready for feedback and if i’m ready for UGC. I was making a bucket hat but i messed around with bevels and I made this mess.
Screenshot 2022-05-29 114259.


There’s one thing for certain… and it’s that you’re not ready.


Yep that is so true. I am the worst at 3d modelling

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Your hat is slightly bland.
Maybe some colors or more intricate designs would make the hat more intriguing.
The goal of a clothing designer on Roblox is make your clothing elegant and unique, with hopes that it catches the eye of players.
Being a great modeler definitely helps you make better clothing, but being a great modeler isn’t enough. The most successful clothing designers out there pursued an original idea, that players ended up loving.

I’ll try that. Thanks for support

Don’t be negative. Sure the hat looks bland but it’s FANTASTIC for your first 3D model. You don’t just start with a program and master it ON THE SPOT or IN A DAY. It takes time, effort & hard work.

I would not say it sucks, that really does seem very rude. Although it sure is bland and needs more love to it. Really well done if this was your first model! :smiley:


Thank you for the support! I’ll try what you said

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anyways, not sure what it’s even supposed to be so i don’t have any other feedback, but maybe loop cut the bottom and size it out a bit


It was apposed to be a bucket hat beveled to 100/100. I think I accidently fliped it. :anger:

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Guys I made a new Blender project.

The sphere is fliped so it doesn’t appear in studio

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Come on! My mesh has to many tris

Well I don’t really have any ideas so i basically just added a circle used the bucket hat method with star shape and just beveled it
Screenshot 2022-06-11 142349
If you think its ugly i’m sorry

I thought like later in the future Roblox was going to allow any player to create UGC for the platform.