Feedback on my Hitman Codename 47 remake game

Hello. I’m Zombie2358. I have been working on this Hitman remake since May 2021. I am currently working on the next mission (Mission 8) which will probably be the best one.

The game’s rating is currently at 75%. The reason for it being this low is because I released it way too early when it had many bugs. Thankfully, I have managed to fix them.

I wanted to see if anyone could play the game and tell me what to improve. The main menu will probably be changed later on. However, can you please tell me the average ping you are having on each mission?

Please note that the game is WIP right now.

Note: Training is the first level and is very simple. To fully give feedback I recommend completing at least 2 or more missions.

Thanks for your feedback!

Link to game: Hitman: Reborn [ALPHA] - Roblox

EDIT: This game is a remake of the first ever hitman game which was supposed to be an shooter game during development. Please take note of this before rating this remake because it is accurately representing the first hitman game making it not that stealthy. However, in the original Mission 8 was really stealthy and it will be the same with mine. Thanks for your feedback.

Here is a preview of how the AI will work in Mission 8 if they find guns. This is the moment where you script something stronger than you. I forgot that the guards would use the stairs.


I’m sorry but this is very low effort. There’s barely any dialogue and you can walk through the training without doing anything.
The melee and weapon combat is extremely badly made and the game has a chance to be taken down for copyright.

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Please note that the game is in WIP and that it is a remake of a 22 year old game. I have tried to keep most copyright stuff out of the game. I have also made some new features.

You do know that I have been working on this since May 2021… :frowning:

All I can say is that Mission 8 is going to be the best one.

Also, did you complete at least 2 missions after Training? Because your feedback aims at Training.

It only told me to pick up weapons and went silent.

I can barely hear anything…

No idea because I don’t know where to go.

Feedback is feedback. I was thinking of not replying but I actually replied to your other posts before. So I wanted to try to help.

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Guns are really low quality. And it’s completely lost the hitman theme of it. Hitman is a stealth game. From what i saw from this game is just a 3rd person shooter. Also if the guard touches you it says, “You got caught!” which doesn’t happen in the main game.

Plus it is super glitchy and quickly made.

Final score: 29/100

Where did you get the score from? What do you judge? And out of 100 is a high number so it looks like even good games are low score.

My score was overall and I judged basically the mechanics and gameplay. I use 100 because I can elaborate with a more detailed number.

The first hitman game was known as a half stealth and half shooter game. Im sorry but I can’t really change the feel of it because the original was like this.

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Yeah they all are. But I feel this is like Terminator Salvation. It has almost no stealth it’s more the AI already sees you and comes to kill you.

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If I was remaking a newer title then it wouldve been more stealthy.

Mission 8 will be stealthy tho.

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Cool. Although i feel like the whole game needs to be rewritten almost.

Yeah i get your feedback. Thanks. But as I said I cannot really change this because it is like this in the original Hitman: Codename 47.

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Did you also only play Training. Training is the most different comparing to other hitman games.

I played Training and Mission 1.

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Ok. I was hard working at making them similar to the original. And they are almost the same.

You can look up Hitman: Codename 47 Walkthrough and you will see that it is 99% the same.

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I own all the hitman series. But I can’t play the originals because i got rid of my windows XP pc.

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Ok. Thanks for your feedback. I can see that people don’t like the weapon systems much. When I finish all the missions I will work on fixing the weaponary and adding a multiplayer.

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Alright. The game is just… bad I guess (My average ping during missions was 50 - 60 ms)

  • The game is currently a literal cakewalk. The AI is extremely dumb, they don’t even deal any damage really often, you can make a literal massacre in the town and the pedestrians won’t even care, but if they care, they will just be running at walls and that’s all. You can just stab the limousine guard on eyes of everyone and they will be still minding their business, even the guards near the entrance (not to mention how walking to them makes them automatically hostile)

  • Weapons are bad, they have no any recoil and basically are effortless to shoot with, the hitboxes aren’t a strong point too

  • Map design is pretty bad too, leaves are just floating above the map on jungle levels


I have tried to make the AI accurate to the original Hitman Codename 47. They act the same in the original.

Map design was optimized for all devices. The game has its own simple style like you said the leaves in the Jungle. (The original also has the same leaves).

Thanks for your feedback! After I make all the mission I will work at fixing the weapons.

Oh, it makes a lot of sense now. But actually if it’s a remake then you could make it better (Unless it’s going to be exactly the same as original)

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