Feedback on my homestore (:

looks really cool and also like a real street , i think if you add vents with smoke coming out on the buildings that would look sick


Looks awesome, especially for a homestore.

Though, you asked for feedback however I’m going to give some constructive criticism.
The neon layout isn’t ideal for homestores as you want players to draw their attention to the clothing, not the building. If this homestore is a showcase you’re on the right track, if not, you might want to rethink making this a hometore.

The sidewalks/roads don’t really blend with the buildings. Try adding a custom material to them.

Hope this helped!

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Thank you max, it means alot !

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Thats a brilliant idea, thank you police!

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It just works good for lighting in my fake windows, I’ve seen a lot of homestores use this technique and i don’t see it effecting anyone’s clothing sales. But yes i can look into a better flooring texture.

You can make anything in studio man, i have faith in you. Just keep building and eventually you can build anything easier then you thought (:smile:

WOW! I really dont have any feedback, it looks great and the lighting is amazing! Good job!

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The best build I’ve seen so far. :slight_smile:

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Very good lighting, Future lighting if so very sci-fi, cyberpunk like I love it is very very pretty.

Detailed homestore! I like how you used lights and models that goes with the vibes.

Thank you, i dont really know what style i was going for when building this i just went along with it.

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So its kind of like a little mall?

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That looks really good. The lighting is excellente

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Wow, it looks really beautiful. Great job.

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Looks amazing! Though the inside of the building with the outfits showcased should have natural lighting to give players an idea of how the outfits would look in a game normally. (I don’t know what the inside is like, but I’m assuming the lighting is also colorful)

Yea i bared that in mind, all interiors have white lighting.

Oh, that’s an amazing consideration! Best of luck on your project.

Woah thats amazing! You could use that for anything, not just a homestore tbh. It would work as a showcase, a vibe game, a hangout, etc. Really cool build!

This is amazing! If I was needing to hire I would but… I don’t hire.

Looks good, reminds me of a thing I made myself. I do like the way you utilized the lighting settings here. Have you messed around with contrast/saturation settings yet? If not I advise it, it can really enhance the looks of lights and material colors.

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