Feedback on my Horrendous Meme Winter game

I have currently just made a horribly bad winter game (so bad its funny) and am looking for some feedback on what I should add or if I should (probably should) delete the game from existence.


Funny thumbnail honestly if its a meme game bravo.

Lets be honest, why in the world would you even post this when you think it’s “horrible” & “Awful”. Instead of saying that, try & be positive!

Don’t call your projects awful! I used to do this, and it resulted in disappointment in what I made. This almost took away my love for developing!

The game is good, but laggy for me.

Why is the od ones out here?

i might be a bit of a fan-boy hehe

Sorry if it came out negative. I just put a humorous title and description lol.

Yeah I noticed the lag and was a bit puzzled at that since most of my games never have any lag. I’m assuming its the classic Roblox house since its made up of so many tiny parts.