Feedback on my horror game about being a taxi driver

Hello Dev forum people! :blush:

I’ve made this horror game about being a Taxi driver, and I am looking for in-depth feedback about it. It’s a story, single-player game. Unfortunately, I’ve asked my friends for feedback, but they’ve all been too busy to help as it’s nearing the final week of school in Australia, so assessments are due. So please, if possible, feedback would be very helpful!

Here are some screenshots, if you are unable to test the game.

Here’s the game, if you want to test it.

Sorry if this comes off as advertising, it’s really not, I made a horror game like this before, and it had some glaring issues, so I’m looking to see whether I’ve improved in story, mechanics, etc.


One thing I would recommend doing is changing the characters in the beginning restaurant to not look completely like mannequins.

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Another thing I noticed is that once you get to the gas station, you are unable to leave the car, even if you are inside of the outlined green. I’m not sure if it is just the way I was doing it, but I recommend making it easier to get out of the car at this point.

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This game looks good! Nice job on it!

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Overall though, the game is really good.

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yeah it should say get out at the bottom when you’re finished, but I agree, thanks, did you manage to get past it?

Thank you so much! :sweat_smile::blush: How did you find the story and did you find any glitches while playing?