Feedback on my horror game!

I released this horror game I made, it has some bugs, and it can be kind of hard to understand. Nighttime Robophobia - Roblox
I want to gain some fans on this game, and (maybe) start a community on it. But I’m bad with art and making appealing thumbnails. So, if anyone has the time maybe they could try it out and think of some suggestions to improve it? Here are some screenshots of the game.


At night 3 I was not able to collect the second robotic arm due to it being spawn inside a region I was not able to go in (the stairs that lead to the submarine area).
Also the animatronics/robots need better pathfinding.
The main menu needs more work
I clicked on Night 1 and at the end of the quest it told me I had completed Night 2 (saw it in the badge)
The gameplay is kind of repetitive with you having to find the arms every night.


Thanks for reporting!
I do have a question. In night 3, was there a press e button?
The entrance submarine dock stairs has a part in front of it where the player presses e to access it, you cannot go walk the stairs, sadly, due to the robots’ horrible pathfinding AI. I was afraid the robots would get stuck on them, but once I can get a new AI ready for them, I can make it easier to access it. Thanks!


yes you can press E to go down and to go back up


if you need help programming the AI of the robots, feel free to ask me. I’m very experienced with AI-pathfinding as I’m also making my own fnaf game


Alright! I think the new AI I got in may or may not work, but if it does not work, then I’ll ask you with the AI stuff. Also, I’ll check out your game soon!


I recommend looking at the monster pathfinding tutorial in GnomeCodes teddy series, so incredibly helpful


I actually got the AI fixed, now they don’t run into the walls anymore.