Feedback on my Horror game

My game is currently in the Alpha state of development, the game will receive more updates. The updates will include the full-on introduction of Perks, and a full-on revamp on the map because it is currently confusing for most new players.

I am looking for more feedback on the game, on what could be changed or even remade.


Maybe make the lobby music louder because I can’t hear it unless I turn on max volume. Singleplayer also doesn’t work, the play button disappears before you can click it most of the time. The game’s objective is also kinda unclear and some ambient noises in the forest might be nice.


Singleplayer isn’t implemented in the game at all, the button is supposed to disappear unless there are 2 players in the lobby, if you were able to click it then that is a bug that will be fixed. The game’s objective currently is displayed at the beginning of every match. Ambient noises will be added definitely to improve the horror experience. Thank you on the feedback!

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Singleplayer has been implemented, a few other issues have been fixed.

An Anti-Cheat has been implemented, also the thumbnail and the game icon have been changed as well to suit the game’s genre.

And to not forget a few buildings got remade since they were free models.

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I played the game a few more times and I noticed some problems mainly with the flashlight.

  • It gets less bright the closer you are to a wall, it’s brightest around 10 studs away and stops working around 3 studs from walls.
  • The further down you look, the weaker the light gets.

A few more things

  • Sometimes when the game finishes, it also sends me straight into another game
  • It’s hard to notice the monster when playing without sound so it might help to add a more visual way of knowing when you’re in danger.

Other than that I think the game is pretty good, I liked being able to outrun the monster and the shards were easy to see even in the darkness.


Bro I was 30 seconds into the game and already greeted with this:

I wonder how it got triggered


Every game is meant to be played WITH sound, and even if you didn’t have sound turned on there is an FOV increase when the monster is near and not just that your flashlight turns on and off so there are ways to notice.

The Flashlight has been tested and works perfectly, it is probably to your graphics settings in Roblox.

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That should be fixed now, you can play the game again.

I did a dumb thing that triggered anti-cheat by teleporting the shard to 1000,1000,1000 since that is more than a 5 stud difference the anti-cheat activated.