Feedback on my Horror music I wrote

Hey all. So I have been writing and making music for my horror game ‘After 3 AM’ for almost a year now.
So I have this track that I quickly put together. Now it’s far from perfect, and there are some slight imperfections as this was made and written in 15 minutes.

Take a listen:

- Name: Deeper
- Genre: Horror Ambient Music
- Themes: Dark, Slow, Minimalistic, Mysterious

NOTE: This track is protected by copyright laws and cannot be downloaded and used in games, films, etc without providing credit

Tell me your thoughts and opinions on this minimalistic piece. Feedback will also be appreciated!


It sounds really great! Though, I wouldn’t recommend that music playing for the whole game :blush:


I kind of overlooked the whole “minimalistic” view in my other post so let’s try that again.

For a minimalistic piece the slow changes works well although there could be room for a bit more variation (just a bit). Volume variation can be another added element, small but noticeable changes so there’s a bit of contrast in that regard.
Only other change I’d suggest is removing some low end in the piano as it gets really low.

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Oh man, it’s so great that I want to download it but I can’t


Thanks. You can download the music. You just need to provide credit if it will be used in a game or film. If you just wanna listen to it. Well then no credit needed

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Sounds great! I personally would use this for perhaps a title screen, or a dramatic cutscene. It gives me mysterious, creepy yet somewhat cozy vibes.
Overall, again, very nice! You should definitely use this in a game!

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Adding to my reply, I’d like to ask what software you use? I’m really curious because it sounds so good.

I made it with an old website ( Its pretty limiting to use and doesn’t offer a lot of effects, instruments, or instruments with sustain.

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Really? Well, you did manage to pull it off amazingly.

Though, I wanted to look deeper into this site and maybe give it a shot. And, since I’m willing to use it, I’d like to ask: Are there any limitations as to how I can use my audio, copyright-related?

I read your statement above (what you wanted us to note), and I’m just curious. Does it only apply to the song users make, or is it a site thing, like something you need to buy to have permission to use? Or something?

Online sequencer is completely free to use. There is no licensing or anything when making music. You just make whatever and then download it as a .MIDI, .MP3 or what ever.

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Sounds really good!! Although I would make it more diverse in speed and instruments if I were you.

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