Feedback on my Horror-Obby game

I am making a horror-Obby styled type of game. (Pretty much like A Stereotypical Obby ). The game was made around 48 hours and I am looking for feedback.

Game Link

Here are some things I do know:

  • I haven’t made a teleport lobby yet that would redirect the players to the lobby.
  • Some minor bugs if played by more than 1 person.

Other than that, lmk your feedback!


the dialogue is slow and should be skippable
I also put back on the first stage after dying a few times


It’s way too repetitive and I agree with @TaxFraudBruh, the dialogue should be skippable.
You should definitely add in some variety for the obby gameplay.


It’s looking good, those trampolines sure ruined my day though :dagger: The animations were a bit stiff though. And whenever I got to the final block, hit the checkpoint it kills me for some reason. You can also get stuck on those little bricks on the side of your pillars, I’d make them passthroughable.

What was that song you had playing in the background of the missing textures / checkerboard ~ esque place? I liked it.


I’ll get to making skippable dialogues just like what @TaxFraudBruh and @Bubblegumboy29 said. I also may add small variety to the obby every time you beat as what @Bubblegumboy29 suggested.

For @Cash4LifeXX I will probably try to change the trampoline script so that it is more responsive and I will make the brick pass through.

For @Cash4LifeXX’s question on why it kills the player at the end is because I had bug back then where the dialogue doesn’t work and you would have to reset. I was a little lazy and just made automatically kill all the players in the server.

I am not sure what the Error song is (since I am currently writing this on mobile) but it has to do with “error”.


Agree with other Developers, there seem to be a lengthy among of dialog, which should at least be cut down or skippable.

I gave up on your game, not because the obby was undoable, but because it was so repetitive that I just gave up. You might want to add different obby varients into the game.


Nevermind I found the song :slight_smile:

It’s such a jam! Great choice!

I didint say this in my earlier comment but I’m impressed at your visual effects (the grain and colour changes and whatnot) as a person who is new to developing on roblox this really inspired me ^.^ (I’m a sucker for those sorts of effects, they are my favourite)

Although… On like 2 levels it was practically unseeable where I was going :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, while the dialogue may lengthy as some replied, I believe this could be solved by just writing the text really fast to be honest, leave it there for 2-3 seconds and move onto the next, or maybe just reduce the text entirely.


I played your game all the way to stage 76. Then my friend join me and it broke the entire game :frowning:

But this is my feedback:

On mobile the stage button is right on my jump button is. So I would recommend changing it.

The parts that hang from the platforms their can collide is on, so I can jump from one to another especially for the trampoline jump at the end.

Also It is extremely repetitive, and it felt like you were just messing around with effects… just is eh… It’s just the basic obby, which is a problem for me especially later when you get on when there is nothing new besides a different effect.

Also the health bar… why is it there? It just existed but it never went up or down, and seemed pointless from 0-76.

I would definitely add unique content and balance the repetitiveness


UPDATE: I have decided to add some variety in the game by having multiple version of a specific part of the game and using rng to base what version of the parkour should be shown.

Also I may ask, when did your friend join? After the countdown or while the countdown OR while your playing the obby?


After at stage 76. It kicked them out, but made an invisible wall appear preventing me from continuing


Speaking of which you should be making a reserved server and teleport the players when clicking play.Not keeping the players in a public server


I may have forgotten to mention that there is a server lock feature in the game where once you talk to the first guider, it server locks the game.


As I mentioned in the main post, I haven’t made one yet and I am just here to test how well the game is.


Yes, but it seems to be detecting 2 players as they join, even though they were kicked, making it impossible for me to continue


it is a LOT like a stereotypical obby. you even named the NPC “the guider”, when ASO is “the helper”

try to make it less repetitive too


yeah, ASO was the main inspiration. I tried to do my own unique thing with the game but it just seemed repetitive.