Feedback on my House model

I built this house model for my new story game that will come out soon. I’d like some feedback on this house and how can I make it better!

Hello, so I took your suggestions and changed the house a bit.


It looks a little plain on the outside! I would add some dark brown color bricks in the wall to give more detail!

Nice job

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Thank you! I’ll. I am adding more stuff to the frame and to the house. It’s just the basic. I’m changing all soon. lightning and more. I’m creating models now, after I’ll insert those models to the main game and add stuff. :grin:

I like how simple it is… however adding a bit more detail to the outside and inside would be good. Maybe adding in an extra area onto the house… like a garage so that the house isn’t a box.

Other than that, it’s really good!

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I know. I’m still making this more items will added. I know it’s simple It’s just model. When I’ll insert that to the main game I’ll add Trees and frame. More stuff to the house. But thank you on the feedback! :smiley:

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No problem! Let me know if you need any help with ideas!

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I like it, a little plain however. Maybe adding some depth will help a lot (props, scenery, etc.).


Formalities, Developer! I am @FIaylie, and I am a low-poly builder as well. I see that you are off to a great start and trying to find ways to improve.

Let’s start off with the positioning of the parts. They seem to be uneven and seems to be way too off on the right side. Try to reposition those parts and it’ll look great!

Secondly, the outside design: It seems too boring, and unfinished. I suggest try to add some patterning/textures on the outside of the walls as it’ll showcase an interesting low-poly house! However, do NOT crowd too many places with the same texture(s), as it seems to be over-used and unsatisfying. Here’s a planning sheet to help you improve that:

Not only adding different pattern varieties to your house, it would also be wow-worthy to the audience playing your game. Here’s an example of one of the games I’ve built:

Lastly, try using different textures instead of the ones ROBLOX has provided for us in the studio. Instead, look up some decals in the ROBLOX library. Adding new textures will help bring realism to your low-poly builds.

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maybe a triangliar roof and not just a flat one, and a better door

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Hello there. Thank you for your feedback! The model isn’t done 100%. I’m adding more stuff to the game and to the house. I’m currently building the basic of the game. Have a nice day! :smiley:

Hello! Thank you for the feedback! The door is moving so I’m trying to make better door with texture. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow! It’s really sees really nice! I’m a starter developer and I really want to thank you for teaching me a little bit about low poly building! I’ll change and make more detail. Currently I changed the roof design and the texture! Thank you for the feedback! :slightly_smiling_face: