Feedback on my HUNGER GAMES gfx render

Here it is. (-DISCLAIMER-) the text “LASROX” is just a watermark, not a part of the art.


You should make it smaller and decrease the opacity then.
Looks good, I would mess around with the lighting and I would make it a lot brighter. The trees are kinda plain, so I would make them more interesting. Nice job!

It’s supposed to be dark, thats why the guy in the back eyes are glowing, if it was day time they wouldn’t be glowing, it gives off a “spooky” vibe.

I like it, But I feel like the White background is a little bland

There isnt supposed to be a background, it isnt edited. thats why it says “render” in the title, it was made in blender 2.8 with a transparent background, it doesnt have a background.

Oh ok, sorry I’m not that used to blender yet lol

Oh no its not that its just you miss-read the title before commenting, its alr tho.