Feedback on my icons!

So recently, I’ve been working in to make some nice game icons. I would like some feedback on them before I start work on my latest game! Any feedback or suggestions are helpful, thanks!

Sword Simulator Icon

Please note I will fix my watermark in the future!

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The icons look great other than the fact there are watermarks in them and the graphics are a little off, other wise, I will say this is pretty good!

Thanks, I will fix the watermark, and how do I fix the ‘hraphics’? Do you mean graphics, and how can I fix them?

Oops, I mean’t graphics… Also, to fix them I think you can change the revolution and/or size…

Edit: Image size and revolution. I don’t remember, just search up a tutorial!

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try making the text more clearer

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They look really solid! The only real issue is the text is a little hard to read. I think making the text White, instead of the same colour as one of the stripes on the background (or green, in the case of the second one) would make them way easier on the eyes.