Feedback on my Illusion based game

Hello Devs,
I have decided to accept a challenge and make a little game in 2 hours.
This is how it turned out:


  • a game where you can create different illusions by changing settings

Here are some showcases of the game:

  1. here is one typical illusion you can create. A circle:
  2. you can change the color of the balls:
  3. you can create different shapes by turning off the centered setting:
  4. you can insert an infinite amount of balls:

    this will create even more shapes:

    cool right?
  5. very important feature, a formula which always divides the 180 degrees by the amount of balls. That’s how the distance between the sticks is always balanced:
  6. by changing the release time you can play with the game even more:
  7. an example of the “infinite” inserting system:

PS: you can play the game here: Balls - Roblox
NOTE: this was made in 2 hours and if you focus one ball you will notice that it just tweens between 2 positions :slight_smile:
Any feedback is highly appreciated!!!


you gotta have some balls to make that now.


as a professional baller I can confirm that this is true


Thsi is so cool! How did you do that?
Also the last video doesn’t play, it’s saying Error (did you Do 0/0?)

thank you for your positive feedback. Basically I have a script which handles everything. every stick has its own (disabled) script. The one script enables them, but with a wait time of the release time, and this for every part. If you have a release time of 0.1 seconds, every 0.1 seconds another script gets enabled until there is no more disabled script. The other settings like the very important feature (5 th point) and the other stuff took me a bit longer to make :slight_smile:

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I think this is really cool! And only made in 2 hours is even better!

Keep up the good work!

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Tiny update to my game, I added a new setting where you can switch between different easing styles:

You know what? You inspired me to create something like this


This is a very good game and a good and original idea. I hope the game goes well and gets popular!

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There isn’t a point to the game, but it is satisfying.

Also PLEASE add more easing styles and easing direction

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Hi there,
Yeah I thought of adding more settings to the game like easing direction based stuff, but it doesnt really affects the shapes overall. Thanks for the suggestion tho!

Yeah. I understand what you’re saying.

The game is still pretty cool, but I was wondering if sound effects would be added. The functionality of the game itself could also be improved, such as if you set the time to 0, it won’t be 1/60 (frame time).

THIS is a really good idea! A a sound everytime the balls cross the middle could (+ a different pitch for each ball) could create some “lovely music” :smile: . Also could you elaborate $ bit further with what you mean with the functionality of the game?

When I make the delay time 0 in either field, it won’t wait 0 seconds. It will wait one frame before then.

Also, when clicking reset while the balls are still being “deployed”, it won’t stop them.

I could change that after clicking reset the model just disappears until you click run again, but that looked unsatisfying for some reason. Thats why I just stopped the Tween of each Ball after hitting Reset. If now one ball is still in a Tween it will continue until the Tween finished. I am not experienced with Tweens and Im not sure if you could interrupt each Tween, so it stops directly. I think I am gonna run through every script and just disable it when clicking reset :+1:. And I noticed that it waits 1 Frame, even if you set it to 0, have to find the cause of that.

Maybe making the whole assembly fade out?

Yes, but if the tween hasn’t started yet, it won’t stop after it has.

Alright, then Im just gonna disable every script and (maybe) add a fade out. Also if you didnt apply any changes to the settings the model doesnt has to reload, maybe I could add this little effect too

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I’m not an expert of Tweens either but have you tried storing very Tween in a table run trough the table and stop very Tween?

Yeah, that’s a better design. @0xzMq should really implement that.

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