Feedback on my Jailbreak game so far

So i was Working on a game and wanted to see what you thought about the Fov Sprint i added. None of the buildings are done so just review the sprint not the other stuff.


Pretty good. I can’t wait to see the game when its fully finished!


Thanks, It will be a while but i am hoping to go BETA by the half a year or so. Hopefully before that though.

I don’t recommend making a game like jailbreak… but I can help you with ideas and I’m also a good builder

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Looks good so far. The only thing is that you shouldnt name it jailbreak for like copyright reasons.

I love the idea of another prison game, like @asimo3089 and @badcc’s jailbreak. Its look good so far, I would love to play it when it comes out.

And obviously you can’t name it Jailbreak, but I hope this becomes a huge hit one day like Jailbreak and MadCity.

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Looks amazing! Keep up the good work.

Good job; looks good so far.
I wouldn’t recommend making a copy of jailbreak because players are unlikely to play it and this will earn you a bad rep


Well it will be a bit different from jailbreak. Just the same consept.

I won’t. I was thinking Jailbirds or something like that.

I Hope so soon as i am putting my all into it.

It will be a bit different. For example, the donut shop robbery will be split in multiple parts. (Donuts You Can Take - +10$, ATM area outside - +200, Cash register inside- +300$)

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Your game will not have potential if u just change the earnings and stuff,like if you loook at jailbreak and madcity,they have a lot of differences like mad city has super hero’s and jailbreak don’t or mad city have a lot of different heist and stuff

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I know that is just an example. There will be different builds, bigger map, I also had the idea for a Warehouse robbery that would work good for my game.

I don’t wanna sound mean, but there’s 2 things why I think this is probably not a good idea to do

  1. You should try making a new game something unique instead of just copying Jailbreak or if you do wanna make a similar type of game try not just copy Jailbreak or Mad City.
  2. You’re going up against Jailbreak and basically Mad City the kings of the police and robber game genre pretty much (idk the name for it) so you kind of really don’t stand a chance at all.

It looks amazing, I would love to play it when it comes out!

I think i would eventually. And i’m not going to copy them.

I like that 30carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

great work so far i am excited to see how the game turns out

Thanks! I have been working in it a lot.