Feedback on my keyboard

I made this keyboard in studio in around five mins, what do you think of it?

Tips for building keyboards - look down.


Looks good! I can’t really tell from the image, but right now it looks like the keys are flush with the base. I would elevate each key to add some depth (and to make it more realistic). You could also use Surface GUIs to add letters to each key, but this might be more detail then what you are looking for.

Great job! :+1:

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Overall not bad.
What is the key that I have circled? It’s like 2 combined or something. It throws off the whole build in my opinion.

That is the enter key. It looks like that on my keyboard.

Oh alright. Mine looks pretty different and all keyboards I’ve owned have it different then that.

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Yeah, same on mine. It is the traditional keyboard layout for english keyboards or similar.

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Hm odd. I don’t ever remember seeing a keyboard like that. I guess my keyboards are unique?

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Maybe you would add leds in the keyboard then it would look better!


Ah okay. Good to know. Thanks.

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Added key depth and light.

Ill fix the seizure back light now.


Good job maybe make someone different colors!

I could make a script that constantly cycles through colours :sunglasses:

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If its a 60% keyboard its a good keyboard :+1:

You can use this script to make colors cycle.

function zigzag(X) return math.acos(math.cos(X*math.pi))/math.pi end

counter = 0

while wait(0.1) do    -- number says how fast it will go
  script.Parent.Color = Color3.fromHSV(zigzag(counter),1,1)

counter = counter + 0.01


The keyboard looks fine in my opinion. :+1:

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I fixed the siezure lights. And i am on my way to adapting @fallarmy1’s script for my usage.

Thanks for your great feedback on my first keyboard model.

Looks pretty good!
Problems though, it seems the keys are about the same level as the base, raise them a little.

Also It would be cool if you could add characters on it with decal.

Keep up the great work!

How much lag would be caused if i added a character to every key? After all, i havn’t told anyone this but this is for my hacker game and everyone will have one of these keyboards.

If you would add the SurfaceGui as characters, I believe it won’t be lagging.

I don’t think decals or SurfaceGui or whatever you use (I don’t t do that stuff lol) would cause that much lag, I mean if non laggy front page games have tons of meshes audios and decals, it probably won’t be that bad on a keyboard.
I’d test at least.

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WOW! I love it maybe lights under the keyboard?