Feedback On My Kitchen's Daycare

(I already created a topic about this, but It was for my daycare, right now there’s only 2 room, but this topic is focused on only the kitchen, which I updated and needed more feedbacks on it specifically)

I’d like some feedback(s) on my kitchen, for a daycare. Feel free to tell how I could improve it!

Note that there is 0 free model. However, the few mesh I used are : the cookies (on the counter), the bowl fruit and the post-it on the wall.

Image of the kitchen:

I’m not too sure about the floor, though it would be good, however, it’s sort of pixelixated and ugly… Not sure what I should do. If anyone have a solution for this, it would be appreciated!

Example of what I mean :

If you want to judge my build in game, here’s the link for the game:


It looks very fit for daycare, I would add more decoration to fill up the empty space on the floor.


Some colorful square art carpet pieces on the floor would be cute, and maybe some colorful things hanging from the ceiling, like planes or animals.


It looks okay. However, I would try to fill up the room by adding more decoration such as kids toy blocks, rainbow carpet, and stuffed animals and other toys to fill up the room and not make it look very empty.

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Thanks for all the feedbacks! I’ll try to add those changes as soon as possible! One last thing, does the floor looks better now ?

Before :


I think everything looks great. But the lighting look really weird and a bit ugly. You should change the lighting to something else to look more realistic. Or if that what you going for then it’s ok. Good work

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As much as I like your daycare, I think you should add more textures and less lighting. The walls are very inadequate.

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You did a good job, but try and add textures to the walls and the floor; carpets on the floor would be great. Also, maybe add a picture on the TV? To make it look more alive.

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