Feedback on my knife fighting game

Hello! I’ve been teaching myself LUA for the past few weeks and have made a basic knife fighting game. It’s really simple; you get teleported into a map, given a knife, and have to kill everyone else. Last man standing wins the round. The game tracks your kills and wins using datastores.

This was mainly made as a way to learn how to make games on Roblox rather than to make an ongoing project, but if people like the core gameplay of Knife Fight, I’m planning on expanding the game with a skins system, more maps, larger playercounts, and more advanced weaponry.

Any feedback on it is massively appreciated, thanks!

Edit: Thanks for the feedback here, got some great feedback in game from players as well! I’ve got a lot of stuff to add/tweak. I’m going to shut the game down while I work on improvements, thanks for the help!


Honestly, the format is pretty basic, but I like it! I can’t really play because there aren’t enough players. I suggest you make it so it could be player VS bots, that would be cool :sunglasses:
Pretty simple, neat, and nice!

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Your game is pretty simple…
There appears to be only one map
The knife has little design and it doesn’t feel good to use, the blade appears too thick as well. (I would suggest using the curvercutter plugin to give your knife a thinner and more curved blade)
100 robux for a golden knife is too much
The lobby is very basic, you could add leaderboards/fountain/statue and more.
For your project to be successful/profitable you’d need to advertise and up the work on your game. Good luck