Feedback On My Laboratory

Hello Developers!, I have made a Laboratory. And i would like some feedback on how I can make it better and more Interesting for my game.


I assume you could use low-poly or textures, decrease the neon glowing just a bit & stick out with the shape of its building.


Ok thank you for letting me know.

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Looks good. As of what 9Dcx said, maybe add textures or use low-poly. For the text sign, maybe add 3d text instead of a label, since it looks more like a sign. Good job! :+1:

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What type of laboratory your going for (medical, biology, science,)? You could try to not overdo with the neon because the building would look unappealing and not interesting, perhaps try some textures and square tiles to make the building have a more whiter color appearance t to give areas some lighting source.

Your place at the start looks basic and unfinished it’ll be more helpful if you throw your objects around so we know what theme you’re going for. I suggest using materials/ textures for the surface such as “white square tiles”.

There is definitely something missing in the building. The building should have a real purpose of what you’re going for if it’s something around science throw props to fit the theme, the concept of the place is good it’s just the shape of the building looks a little here and there:



very cool, I love the lighting you used.