Feedback on my last animation

If you didn’t see it Second animation feedback

I think i fixed it up a little I don’t really know what to do with the legs so give me good feedback you can be rude but I think its a step up from the last one.


i don’t even know what this is. its so weird, the movement is unnatural, the hands are rotated weirdly (lower part) and its not at all dynamic.

What is the animation used for? I need a answer from you so I can give good feedback.

Anyways, the arms look weird, its like the animation belongs to R6 instead of R15.

This is quite weird, would be better if the legs were also animated.

I understand where your coming from but I can’t figure what

It’s supposed to be a punch a failed one😕

I think with generally more information, we could assess this properly. In my opinion, you’re definitely in the right direction. But in general, it’s very stiff, not enough motion, and more so not enough fluid movement. Overall it seems a bit choppy, and definitely will make your game (Or animation or whatever this is being used for) feel similarly, choppy. What I recommend is maybe try tweaking the positioning. Which parts of the character are moving, and what needs to be moved. Use different easing styles, which may help a lot at the end of the animating process. Furthermore, one thing I like to do to make sure my animations are at least realistic enough to be assumed as such is doing the motion in real life. Try to mimic the exact motion you make, with animating. Think it over time and time again, and actually practice it. I think that should make for better animating. All in all though, It really just needs more work, and it needs to feel looser.

I didn’t use any easing styles but how can I make it feel more realistic like is my windup not good Ik my position is somthing I really need to work on but this reply gives me a good view of things I should work on thank you.

It’s a touch robotic, here are some little tips:

  • Keep momentum going – when a limb changes direction, keep it going in the direction it was moving previously for a bit. Otherwise the limbs accelerate sharply like a robot’s.
  • Modify the speed – some parts a little slow, while others are a good speed. For example, the head turning moves a little slow. I find imagining the motion (or doing it in real life :sweat_smile:) helps me get the timing right.
  • Make the animation a bit more fluid – the character starts each motion at different times. Creatures tend to predict movements and start them slightly before preforming them.

There are often said to be 12 basic principles of animation. They’re super interesting and I’d recommend giving them a quick read:

I’d recommend looking at these ones specifically:

  • Follow through and overlapping action
  • Arc
  • Anticipation

Everyone starts somewhere! You’re animations are definitely better than my first ones. I hope you find this helpful :happy2:


So, in order for me to help you out more here. What kind of animation is it? I read reload off to the left side of the screen, but what is the character reloading? And if that’s not the case then a general understanding of what kind of animation this is would help me help you!

It supposed to be a punch animation.

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Yeah I totally agree with you do you have any good videos I can watch?

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Is the first arm movement the punch? If it’s the second one, it seems kind of awkward. Otherwise, great job!

Sure, there are some good ones on the principles of animation. I watched a great one I while ago, but I can’t quite recall which one it was. Here is one I found:

This one is super short (2.5 mins) but hits the points. It’s phrased for drawn animation, but the ideas cross over.

If you search up “12 principles of animation” you can get some great in depth videos too.

Hopefully this helps! Google Drive: Sign-in

I’m guessing this is some sort of punch animation? I agree with the others, it’s unnatural and looks weird. Possibly factor in the posture of the person, being the hips, leg placement, and whatnot. It’ll help a lot in making it look natural and professional. Good luck!

it says access denied. I requested it.

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Should be good now! I shared it on both requests

In my opinion, you should make the body look more alive. Maybe try adding more movement to the torso and legs to make it seem like the character is actually doing the move.