Feedback on my last roblox channel banner

This is one I made with the same theme as my last one. We have a matching set now!


Why are you holding the word “Faire” hostage with a gun in the first picture

Looks pretty decent! The text could use some work though :thinking:

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I agree with @Jackscarlett ,

I would suggest having the person with the gun, with their back to the text, pointing the gun away (like they are backed into a corner). Just a suggestion! Overall, neat job!

SheeSH :cold_face:
but the second image looks blurry

I Didnt know how to denoise :grin:!!!

Im not the best with text, and the gun part was because my youtube channel was going to be based on arsenal gameplay ect. But thanks for the feedback!

Should be in the render layers tab of properties.

The only thing that is out of place is the text otherwise it looks good, the text is an easy fix you can just find a better one!

I worked it out, but thanks!!!