Feedback on my latest avatar for usage in my game as an NPC


Today, I am incredibly excited to reveal my new Roblox avatar to the Developer Forum. I have worked on this outfit for weeks, and I finally feel it is ready. While my previous avatar was a stroke of genius on par with the M2 Mac Pro, I felt there was still improvement to be made, as my role model, Apple Inc. feels every year. Thus, feast your eyes on Russian_TacoX 2.0!


As you can see, this outfit has many nuances that reflect both well and little known factoids about my personality. For example, the apple in my mouth and logo on my shirt obviously respresent my absolute love for Apple and their innovative, pro-consumer practices (Despite the EU’s attempts to ruin this, bloody glad us Brits aren’t part of that rubbish). Meanwhile, the cute little chibi Batman on my shoulder reflect my love for the Batman TV series from the 1960’s, which I used to watch reruns of all the time as a young lad. Finally, my striking blue hair and shirt mirror the colors used by members of Apple’s genius bar.



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Greetings Russian_TacoX,

Congratulations on the grand reveal of your new and improved Roblox avatar, Russian_TacoX 2.0! It’s evident that you’ve poured a considerable amount of time and effort into perfecting every detail of your outfit.

The incorporation of the apple in your mouth and the logo on your shirt as a nod to your admiration for Apple and its innovative practices is a clever touch. It’s refreshing to see your enthusiasm for their pro-consumer approach, despite the ongoing challenges faced by the company.

The inclusion of the cute chibi Batman on your shoulder adds a delightful personal touch to your avatar. It’s fantastic to learn about your fondness for the classic Batman TV series from the 1960s, providing a glimpse into your nostalgic interests.

The choice of striking blue for your hair and shirt, mirroring the colors of Apple’s genius bar, ties everything together seamlessly. It’s evident that you’ve carefully considered every nuance to create an avatar that not only represents your interests but also showcases your creativity.

Your dedication to refining your avatar is truly commendable, and I’m sure the community appreciates the thought and passion you’ve put into this project. Wishing you continued success in your Roblox adventures with the newly unveiled Russian_TacoX 2.0!

Cheers to your creativity and the exciting journey ahead!

Best regards,


I’m sorry, but I believe your response has been artificially generated. Please, if you wish to respond, use your own words.

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