Feedback on my latest GFX!


Free overlays and backgrounds used, can’t really give feedback on stolen stuff.

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haha, very funny. this is gfx. first off, you can do that if its free, second of, what else do they do? are you suggesting they learn icon designing?

alright. so, you can see a black line in the hair, the clothing is kind of low quality, the pants are same color as skin tone, the background lighting and stuff kind of but not really fits in and they all have white outlines from masking try to avoid that dont use transparent leaves, the character doesn’t look like they are in the scene, and the thing in the corner is weird and unnecesary


Looks good, its just when creating the render you should look at the background image you’ve chosen for photo editing so that you can determine where the light is coming from and try to replicate the location of the source. I know it might be a little bit time-consuming if you were to go the advanced way (the normal way is just basically adding one light with high strength that’s directed at the character) but (probably) of course will get a better render (you might as well tune the colors while photo editing). On to your editing, it looks almost good. Noticeable outlines around some overlays, such as the leaves should’ve made you think that you could get a better overlay. If you want it to keep the leaves but remove the white visible outlines then you’re in for a quite painful experience. Oh, and I forgot that there’s a shadow outline behind the accessories. It’s either because you added an object behind the character and turned on the Shadow Catcher option (if you used Blender) in an attempt to probably bounce off light rays onto the character in order for a bloomy look I guess, or you just decided to add some while photo editing for your likings. On the “blobs” and the text you should’ve added low-mid strength shadows, and I think that should be it (felt kinda lazy making this post, so i didn’t describe things the best).


I’m not really suggesting they learn icon designing. I’m just saying I can’t really give feedback on stuff they didn’t make.

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why not? tons of people do this in gfx designing, because they don’t know how or just can’t make these icons and backgrounds. just go to creations feedback and tag gfx

but i guess u do u

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