Feedback On My Latest Gfx

So i found this cool feature and turned my render into actual art
and also give me feedback im trying to improve on my gfxs


Well, overall this render is very unique to its approach and very polished and glossy. Just keep in mind I’m not a gfx artist, and account this as a normal player’s perspective when seeing the image.


  • I really like the models, they look very realistic and provoking.

  • I really like the art render. It looks like very cartoony and simpilized/polished.

  • I really like the use of light reflections. As it feels very glossy and flavourful with the cartoony art style.


  • The camera angle is a bit “meh”. The camera angle doesn’t really focus in the characters/main objects (Such as, the death note.)

  • Body Posture seems a bit odd to me. Ryuk’s legs and arms seem to be glued together and doesn’t really capture a “flying stance” (Look at image below.)

Light’s arms/legs are really static and non-dynamic, in a sense of “Where is his elbows/knees”. Same goes for Ryuk.

  • Next step, is to probably add more detail and vfx/outling, like apples for Ryuk or some trashcans in his room, I don’t really know.

  • Also the sky is a big disaster. As it displays more of a realistic tone, overlapping the poly style.

In conclusion, It’s a really nice poly/simple render for a start, but I think overall you could improve it by adding more details etc. I recommend you to watch a tutorial on basic arts and truely find out what pops and what is the focal point of your creation.

Png (21)


thank you for the feedback i will keep that in mind when making my other gfx

Jesus christ literally took the words out of my mouth, for a non gfx artist you were spot on.

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