Feedback on my latest gfx!

hi guys! here is my latest commission! all feedback is welcome!

(I’ve included one with text and one without, let me know which one you think is best out of the 2 :D)


Not really any complaints here, looks really good. Sun flare kinda looks odd, considering you really see the sun at all.


thanks! also yeah tried to make it blend in and not show too much.

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Looks awesome! Keep up the excellent work! :heart:


Thanks so much, I appreciate it!!!

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I agree with 1ik about the flare. I recommend giving the soldiers some hair and different weapons like a mosin nagant or a drogunov or an AK.

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Looks really good, maybe making more trees behind the truck and the soliders will make it more cool.

thanks so much man, and yeah i’ll try and do that next time!

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Hey! Great GFX! I was wondering how you made your scene realistic, and how you made your clothing folds, the grass is really nice and the texturing on the helmets are soooooooooo good


The GFX looks great. I can definitely see the realism here. Though why are the clothes wrinkled?

Additionally, as some have mentioned, that sun flare is a bit odd. The texturing on the helmets is also neat.

The text is spaced out a bit more than necessary in my opinion. Maybe you can also change the font to something more modern? The font looks good, but maybe switching the font to something more of a modern font would make the GFX look better.

I would say as of now, the first GFX without the text looks a bit better in my opinion, but both look great. Awesome job! :+1:

this is great! everything fits together really well!

Lighting’s great. Emotion between the characters is stunning. And overall gun quality is wonderful. I love it and I would pay good money for these if I were a ‘military personal’.

Looking great! You could add a player sneaking up on them if you wanted to to kinda add suspense.

I wrinkle the clothes to give some realism to the clothing. Thanks!

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This looks really awesome. I can not see anything that looks bad from my view, well done. :+1: :confetti_ball:

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Nice gfx, nice skills I will look for your portfolio :+1:

thanks! or you can message me at my discord slap#3074!

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I sended you a friend request, accept it when you can pls

What’s weird is that you can see the sky under the truck, and there is a huge diffrence between the sky under the truck and the sky above the truck.
Besides that the truck doesn’t seem well textured. just as the guns.
If you’re making a realistic scene, try texture all the assets so it doesn’t give a weird look when a scene has high poly and low poly objects.

for the rest its all good

already changed it this is an old version.