Feedback on my latest gfx!

hi guys! here’s my new favorite personal artwork!

all feedback is welcome, but please don’t be rude! (jk i dont really care either way)


I think it looks awesome!
Really like that rain effect. The backdrop can be darker? The white areas almost blend in. Overall, it looks splendid.


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It is very well hand-crafted! It is well-detailed, and eye appealing! My only issue is that the background is a little too bright.

I find it waay to overexposed. Tone it down a bit.

It is not exposed. It’s how the HDRI ended up.

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Thank you!! I turned it down right after I posted.

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It’s a very satisfying GFX, I like the clothing folds and details on the ground. But I don’t think the rain fits in with the GFX since the environment is pretty bright. But overall, great job!

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Wow Thats Amazing! The 3D Clothing To The Rough Hats Its Amazing. Nothing Bad I Can Say About This. Well Done!

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I think it looks really nice. I do agree with @shinyju regarding the background though. It needs some lighting changes.

This is a amazing GFX. Though I would lower the lighting, it’s quite bright.

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