Feedback on my latest GFX's

Not quite sure how to do that… I use C4D.

I use a paid lightroom! And thank you for the feedback.

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Alrighty. Thanks for the feedback!

Alright, thanks for the feedback, Ill try my best to improve on that!

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Thank you. I will try my best to work on that! :slight_smile:

Its just a website that makes the textures clearer

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Love it! Except one of them the leg is a little weird. Other than that, looks AMAZING!!


Can you please tell me the website, im curious.

Hello! I would like to say that this work is amazing and you are doing a great job, one thing I might recommend is to try toning down the saturation as you can see where it might be over-saturated in some parts of the graphic, other than that, amazing work and keep it up!

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These are really good,
but maybe try this to make smoother textures?

I linked it in my first reply

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Oh okay! I do not saturate my art, I add exposure and vibrance! It’s probably the exposure. Ill try that!

Thanks! I’ll try that. :slight_smile: