Feedback on my latest GFX's

Hey guys! I just want to ask for some feedback, I want to improve on my GFXs. I use Cinema 4D and Photoshop to edit and create my GFX’s! I’ve been doing GFX’s for about 2 months now and I need some help.

I need help on what is my STRONGEST point in gfxs, and what is my WEAKEST point in gfxs as of now. Please let me know what you think!!

Please let me know what you think I need to improve on, and what I am good at as of now!


Hello, i hope you are doing GOOD!

This work is really great. You really work hard!
I have nothing to say, except GREAT WORKS

Thanks for reply!


Thanks man! It means a lot. I appreciate your support, means a lot to me.

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This is good, but one thing is the hair. You can tell the hair has a ‘decal’ like style. Did you turn on Ambient?


The strongest point in GFX’s are the editing and effects, the weakest point is the detail in some of ur GFX. I just wish there was more to some of them! You should try to make each GFX unique. Either way, I love ur GFX! Good work. :+1:


I did turn on ambient. Am I not supposed to do that? I do it for all my GFX’s.

Thank you. I will try to work on that. By detail do you mean poses, lighting, like what?

Just lack of elements on some of the GFX, for example… The Sword Simulator 2 GFX Image. It lacked detail, no offense. :sweat_smile:

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Ah alright I see what you mean. Thank you for giving me the feedback! I’ll try my best to work on that.

No problem! :+1:
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Well, you can but don’t have it too high. I recommend using a solid hair texture before importing and making the GFX.

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Well, you can but don’t have it too high.
I recommend using a solid hair texture before importing and making the GFX.

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Ah alrighty, ill try that.

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These are really good,

but maybe try this to make smoother textures?

and then it will be clearer.

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The GFX look very cool and detailed.

I think that you strenghts are the poses, details and efects.
And I don’t think so that you have weaknesses at making GFX.

Have a nice day! : P

Great GFXs. The strongest points are poses and effects/particles. The weakest points are the quality of texture in the first image on the face and shirt. Also, on the last image the text Alpha GFX doesn’t look nice, because it’s colour matches the background, and never never never and ever use white text on the yellow background, thanks. My solution would be is to change the background or the colour of text. Overall, you are doing a good job. I love your GFXs! :+1:

Good luck

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This is some great work! The renders are very clean, and I like the saber effects that you have on some of your icons. The colors are bright and saturated, which is pretty eye-catching.

Something I noticed immediately was how the text here blends in with the background. I love the 3D text effect, but the color choice makes it hard to read, especially towards the middle. Try using a color or outline that separates it from the background a little more.

Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 11.17.37 PM
The particles you’re using are a little difficult to see since the background is light, especially the pixel-y particles here, which seem a tad bit out of place.

Everything else is pretty neat, though! Awesome stuff.

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Wonderful and talented work! I think that you should denoise the render a bit more, though.

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Hey! These are awesome!

From what I notice, I believe you are using a lightroom. If you are then, nice choices, which lightroom do you use?

For your second one, “Food Delivery Simulator”, I feel like it’s a bit bright, maybe just lower the tone a bit.


I love it! I just have 1 tip, make the colors less bright. I don’t want to be rude or anything but it blinds me.

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