Feedback on my latest RAW render

This took me like 4 hours in blender. I don’t think it looks that good, and im honestly frustrated that this terrible render took me this long to make. Anyways, please provide feedback.

Please remember I did not edit this/ color correct this at all.

Do not steal my work.


My question is why do you have tobacco in Roblox!?!?

Also the render looks sick!

I was inspired the the long “cigar” that Lady Dimitrescu carries in resident evil village lol
I guess its also part of the wealthy aesthetic I was going for

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I think its a 10/10, I feel the same way when I make games and draw art, and make music, It frustrates me to, I feel like Im not going to get anywhere and I need to work harder. This is something most devs go into when they create things.

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I think its quite neat, although my primary critique would be that the light source on the floor has no obvious logical origin. It just looks like a random light instance on the floor. If its supposed to be a campfire, id add in more elements to make that obvious such as smoke rising up or rocks around the light source.


yeah, thinking back I shouldve put the light source behind the camera

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It looks fine, even if you don’t think it looks good it was a learning process! (Take this seriously not as a random phrase, I mean it)

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Well, well… Ethan Winters!

Thought I recognised it.

Love it! The lighting is nice, the pose is nice and for a raw render this is brilliant!
To me the orange light on the ground appears a bit out of place, but I guess that’s because I can’t see the whole scene.