Feedback on my latest render

All feedback is highly appreciated! Made in Blender.



Quite good! The light is a little bit too pixelated imo.


I know, I rendered it in Cycles using a low number of “slots” to render as fast as possible.

The pumpkin models are not high-quality. I can see the polygons quite easily, and the texturing is not great. You should also render with a much higher sample count. I don’t know what kind of computer you have, so I don’t know what yours can render in a reasonable time. But at the minimum, I would suggest a few hundred samples (300-500) and a denoiser (if you’re fine with some quality lost) if you’re interested in speed but want something that looks better. I would also suggest you use only one light source, because the spotlight behind the pumpkins doesn’t look great. If you like the spotlight, then I would at least suggest making its shadows softer.

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I think there are just two issues:

1- It should be rendered better
2- The pumpkin should have a bumpy surface, right now it is just smooth.

kind of noisy everywhere, modelling is good and so is models, just add lines and bumps and variation so its more like a pompkin