Feedback on my Lava fall

Hello there everyone! My name is X and I recently started to make glow models and builds. Today i made a Lava fall and i wanted your guys feedback on it on how i can improve it or how i can make it look more good.

Images :

Make sure to leave your suggestions on how i can improve this build. Thank you!! :grin:


It looks awesome dude! Nothing came to mind on how to improve it atm, but it looks sick! :+1:

This looks great! The only thing I could see that could improve the quality is adding more of a slope to the main lava piece, even just a few extra blocks for it to spill off of to add some depth. Other than that, it looks amazing!

Ok I will, but where? If you have discord add me on it.
Dis : Azxcite#0770
If you’re free I’ll take your help on adding textures.

I feel like it’s too blocky and it could use some smoothing to the flowing of lava. Other than that it looks mighty fine!


Hi! So it looks really nice! Honestly not much to say besides possibly adding a texture to the lava and curving the fall a little more instead of having it as square, not sure how to explain but in the screen shot below is what I mean. Otherwise, I love it!

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I will be working on the texture and the lava flow. Thank you for your feedback and suggestion!

It’s a decent start but I think the use of particles could greatly improve your lava fall. You could use multiple different types of particles to make it look as if it’s bubbling or crashing down at the bottom of the lava fall.

it looks okay, bur i reccomend adding maybe some rounded edges to the lava, which can be done by adding cylinders and having them positioned like the circles in the blue

for making a texture maybe a script that changes the texture offset in a loop slowly would give it a nice pop too

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