Feedback on my light-themed shop UI

Hello. I am a fairly new designer, and I am asking for some feedback on my light-themed shop UI. I will make a dark-themed one later. It is mainly for sandbox tycoons


Looks simple and slick enough. Though, I would recommend not putting light grey with white. It makes things a little hard to see. Perhaps darken the grey buttons more to make things easier to see. Other than that, I love it. Well done, love to see more updates about your progress!


Thanks! Good thing I saved a copy of it as a .psd file.

Does this look good?

In my opinion, this looks a lot better.

On a scale of 1-10 I’d give this a 3. Here’s why:

  • There’s no implementation of text hierarchy. This makes your UI less pleasing, every single text object is one font/font variant.

  • Too many things are scaled too big. For example, the amount of items text, buy button/price, etc.

  • Your elements are padded inequally, for example, the tabs: image
    There’s too much space on the Y axis compared to the X axis. (Solution: make the buttons shorter on the Y axis).

  • 1. Then there’s the UX factor, the price of the object (“750”) is encased and is contained the same way as your buttons, and I’m assuming that its not a button (because if so you’d have two buy buttons?), which would lead the user to/make the user falsely click on the price believing it is a button. (Solution: make the price less dominant; take it out if it’s green box, make the text colour a green and scale it down smaller than & under the title).

  • 2. Your choice of green shades could possibility impede visibility and eye comfortness, I’d recommend running it through a contrast checker to ensure that it contrasts well with the white (avoid using the brightest green on the colour wheel as a background with a plain white foreground.

  • There are then miscellaneous factors such as alignment and inconsistent text sizes (e.g “INVENTORY” size is smaller compared to the other tabs, the distance between “Basic Dropper” and its description is different from the distances between other item names and descriptions).

If you get around to fixing all of these issues, you’ll improve in no time.


its too light theme. design si alright but make everything slightly bigger to fit better, and make all text on white thigns BLACK and more CONTRASTING

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Thank you! I will take these into consideration.

It doesn’t look too bad, but along with what everyone else said, there’s also this:

The line shows that the actual shop ui and the buy frame aren’t scaled equally.

Ohter than that, pretty good